What This Promo Offers

We offer Computer-Based Psychometric Assessment Tests for Fresh Graduates and Experience Hire. This tool enables the selection of the best fit candidates based on their mental aptitude; the tool tests critical thinking, logical reasoning, judgement and decision making.

The SYOJ Assessment Center creates a platform for identifying best fit candidates using our internationally time-tested and validated assessments tools and approach.

Unemployment rate

2015 75%
2016 63%
2017 50%

Our Psychometric Tests Tool boasts the following unique features

Assessment in four key domains

Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning & Attention to details/Abstract Reasoning


Candidate Report ready within 24 hours

Variable Difficulty Level

You can choose between Easy to Hard difficulty Level

Assessment center

Ambient and secure environment

Security Monitor

Automated timer and code guard


Trained, Experienced and Competent Test Assessors

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