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The best time to start planning for retirement is the first day at work. Current realities in the business landscape emphasizes the need for effective and pragmatic approaches to planning for either voluntary or involuntary retirement.

More so, the responsibility for preparing for retirement rests on both the Employer and with individuals. Guided training across the different domains in retirement planning remains highly crucial in having a fulfilled Life After Paid Employment.

The SYOJ Retirement Institute provides fundamental pre-retirement training to participants across five different levels with the aim of providing pre-retirees with the tools and the techniques they need in preparing for the inevitable transition into retirement. Our retirement training are run at In-Plant (employees of a specific organization) & Open-Program (Individual registration) levels.

Our pool of highly skilled & experienced faculty help prepare individuals to take responsibility for their financial wellbeing, investment and health among others.

Our approach is pragmatic and encompasses the use of relevant assessment tools to help participants identify where they are while preparing for their desired lifestyle in retirement.

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